Vulcan Series mDVRs

Setting the Standard in Mobile Surveillance

With the introduction of the revolutionary Vulcan™ Series of in-vehicle surveillance systems, AngelTrax now offers a solution capable of simultaneously recording multiple types of camera views, including IP cameras, at up to 1080P resolution.

The Vulcan Series features four DVRs with redundant and sequential recording options. In addition to top-notch performance and versatility in its functions as a mobile recorder, each Vulcan DVR is equipped with power connections for auxiliary systems including but not limited to public address systems, signage and onboard diagnostics.


    Up to 1080P Recording Resolution
    4 Channels HD 720P
    1 Channel IP 720P up to 1080P



    Up to 1080P Recording Resolution
    4 Channels D1, 720P up to 1080P
    1 Channel IP up to 1080P



    Up to 1080P Recording Resolution
    8 Channels D1, 720P up to 1080P
    4 Channels IP up to 1080P



    Up to 1080P Recording Resolution
    16 Channels D1
    8 Channels IP up to 1080P

Resilient and Network-Ready

Each Vulcan DVR is encased in a military grade cast aluminum housing that is shock-mounted and vandal-resistant to protect video from unruly passengers and the rigors of the road. When equipped with an active Internet connection, each Vulcan DVR is capable of sending alerts via text or email to pre-selected authorized personnel. Alerts, triggered by the driver-operated panic button or one of eight configurable alarms, automatically mark video for supervisor review during playback. The panic button also functions as a remote status indicator to show the status of the DVR without using a video monitor.

Vulcan™ Series Anvil Cameras

The Best of Both Worlds

Recording two types of camera feeds on the same system enables the bus fleet operator to have IP cameras installed in key locations where clarity is needed most and where power over network (PON) reduces the cost of cables and installation. Because IP camera channels require more storage, Vulcan Series DVRs record the majority of camera views with true high-definition cameras, providing the best of both worlds and a superior solution to your surveillance needs.