Wireless Cellular Connectivity

Connect anywhere

Maintain connectivity to your on-site server and the Internet anywhere there is a cellular signal. All transmitted data is encoded with AngelTrax's proprietary encrypted format, preventing digital tampering.

  • Remote setup
  • Compatible with all major cellular plans
  • Real-time tracking
  • See the activity as it happens
  • Always connected
  • Instant notifications

Key Features

Track in Real Time

Gain real-time insight into fleet operations – or monitor one vehicle at a time – with live view and live tracking.

Download Event Clips Remotely

Download marked event clip footage from the field to your on-site server when your vehicle is connected to a cellular network.

Manage your DVRs Wirelessly

With remote access to your fleet DVRs, play back stored footage and adjust recording settings while the vehicle is in the field.

Panic Event Snapshots

Receive text or email notification of panic events recorded in the field. Messages will include a snapshot from actual footage.

Instant DVR Health Alerts

Respond immediately to reduce liability and vehicle downtown with instant text or email notification of DVR system errors.

Detailed Notifications

Trigger text or email notifications that include vehicle ID, date and time, operator information, GPS coordinates and a JPEG snapshot.

Tech Specs

Sprint / Verizon Cellular Network

Provides WiFi for passengers

For use with all AngelTrax DVRs