Driver Behavior

Score Your Fleet

  • Access Live Scores
  • Review Alerts Instantly
  • Track Vehicle Score Trends
  • Coach Based on Real Data
  • Print Comprehensive Reports
  • Compare Scores

    The Driver Behavior feature of MotoTrax™ introduces a more focused dimension to fleet tracking. Groups or vehicles are compared in a scatter plot according to their aggressiveness and distraction in driving. Easily identify the safest and riskiest drivers in your fleet, and see how they compare to the group average.

    Live Updating Scores

    Fleet, Group and Vehicle scores for the current month are always up to date, providing a fluid second-by-second perspective of your fleet.

    Analyze Trends

    Trace a vehicle’s daily or monthly scores to detect improvement or decline in responsible driving habits.

    Drill Down Quickly

    Quickly navigate from a 12-month overview of your fleet to a day-by-day trend graph of any one vehicle. Each score plotted on the graph can be singled out for a distraction-free analysis.

    Investigate Alerts

    When a vehicle brakes hard, swerves or accelerates quickly, an alert is triggered and a video clip is automatically downloaded to your computer for review. Each alert’s details can be annotated, scored and printed as a report.

    Coach Drivers

    Coach your drivers based on real data collected from their driving patterns and incidents, and watch their scores improve before your eyes.

    Overall Score

    The Overall Score is a combination of the Aggressiveness and Distraction scores.


    Aggressiveness is measured by a combination of hard acceleration, hard turns and hard braking.


    Distraction is measured by sudden hard braking and turns.


    Speeding is measured by a maximum threshold set by your administrator.

    Road Alerts

    Speed bumps, potholes and other road hazards that affect the z-axis of the vehicle make up the Road Alerts scoring.

    Compound Events

    Compound Events are hard acceleration or hard braking coupled with a hard turn.


    Know immediately when a driver swerves, brakes hard or exceeds a preset speed, then review the automatically downloaded video clip. If the driver is not at fault, simply delete the alert or save for court-ready evidence to be used in the driver’s defense. If the alert requires follow-up, edit the Alert Details.

    Event Triggers

    HS - High Speeding                          HB - Hard Braking

    HLT - Hard Left Turn                         HRT - Hard Right Turn

    HA - Hard Acceleration

    Edit Event

    The edit button opens up the Alert Details to mark event triggers, fundamental violations, improper use of equipment, risky actions, awareness violations and distractions.

    Delete Event

    The delete button easily removes events once they have been reviewed by supervisors and are not deemed important.

    Print Event

    The print button will print the event trigger details, the vehicle ID and group, the status of coaching, the time and date of the event and any infractions and notes marked in the alert details.

    Download Event Video

    The download button will turn blue when an event video is ready for download, indicating when event video footage can be analyzed.

    Alert Details

    If the driver is not at fault, simply delete the alert or revise the notes in the Alert Details for evidence. If the alert requires follow-up, edit the Alert Details. Tag any alert with additional infractions, a coaching status and notes. The score detailed in the alerts is an accumulation of the check marks in the Alert Details.


    Driver Behavior comes with data-driven, printer-friendly reports. Compare vehicles, track the fleet's monthly scores and keep up with mileage and hours driven.


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