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Produce court-admissible evidence with clear audio/video captured and reviewed with proprietary technologies available only from AngelTrax. Assist operators with our rearview camera kit and monitor interior and exterior views in hi-def quality.

Key Features

Virtual Synchronized Mapping™*

VSM delivers absolute GPS tracking accuracy synchronized with recorded video footage, eliminates the guesswork on vehicle location during an event and tracks the precise route of the vehicle.

High-Definition Quality Cameras

AngelTrax HD quality cameras deliver clear, reliable audio/video data by employing infrared technology, IP68 certified waterproof lenses and noise-gated microphones.

Operator Behavior Management

Real-time driver alerts, triggered when dangerous activity is detected, lead to improved operator behavior and performance, while advanced in-cab audio and infrared technology ensure a definitive account of what really happens on the rails, day or night.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

With hot-swappable slide-rail components, AngelTrax Hybrid Component DVRs are designed for quick on-site upgrades and repairs, cutting the cost of long-term ownership in half.

Automatic Vehicle Location*

Locate and track any locomotive in your fleet with the powerful AVL features of MotoTrax™ to ensure proper procedures are being followed and trains are running on time.

Hybrid Component™ Technology

One of several U.S. Patents awarded to AngelTrax, Hybrid Component technology allows fleet directors to upgrade, increase storage capacity or make DVR repairs with virtually no vehicle downtime.

Live View*

See what’s happening on board as it happens with a cellular connection and AngelTrax’s powerful MotoTrax.

Automatic Wireless Download

MotoLinx™, AngelTrax’s automatic download event clip manager, provides an easy-to-use solution for wireless video clip transfer.

* Optional Feature

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